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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Death Contains the Seeds of Life

Stars die that others might be born. Seeds die that fruit trees might feed the hungry. Unused sperm and eggs die that newer and fresher ones might produce life the following month. People die that younger, healthier and stronger progeny might reproduce.

Of course ours us is a limitless universe. Eternal youthful life would allow us to populate countless worlds. However, until immortality and fast-as-light star craft become the norm exploration of distant worlds are out of the picture.

There are no demons . Only God exists.

Where then does evil come fom? Can we know why God has always existed or why there is a God as opposed to there not being a God? No we cannot. Neither can we know how or where evil comes from or why it exists.

It may be that evil has always existed. Left needs right to have meaning or existence. Good needs evil for the same reason. God may have found a way to neutralize evil for good. Lets hope that happens sooner than later.