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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

God is More than a Concept by Which We Overcome Our Own Pain

Yes, John Lennon stated years ago in "God" that "God is a concept by which we measure our own pain." It need not remain so. God is many things to many people. Your conception of or experience with God is as different than your fingerprints are different from the person in the next room.

Tonight I wanted God to save me more than He's ever saved or helped or healed me before. You know what his answer was to my great surprise. He said, "heal yourself. Help yourself. Save yourself." That was not the answer I was looking for, but it might just be the answer that will do until God in His mercy blesses me with His supernatural healing, help and salvation. I actually smiled when the realization came. Of course, it's so simple. If no one else can or will take care of and watch out for me, then who better than myself. If my parents are too old or too sick to care for me, I have to care for myself. If other relatives are too busy, too sick or too challenged themselves to care for me, then who better to care for me than myself? Of course, I can always use a helping hand by some compassionate person who has the gift of giving aid to others in need. And, with God's grace or favor, I will endeavor to be a helping hand when some person in need is brought into my life.

The Lord our God is One. Blessed be the name of the Lord for his mercy endures for ever.

Blessings for the new year whatever year you happen to be reading this.

More to come--

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cubanos Gay: Adventistas y Cristianos

English title:  Gay Cubans:  Adventists and Christians

Si ud., o un familiar o amistad, piensa que quizas (ud./ellos) es gay (homosexual,) lesbiana, bisexual, transexual, transgenero, intersexual, travesti , o si ud. solo desea informacion de asuntos no bien conocidos en la iglesia Cristiana Adventista del Septimo Dia, le invito que siga leyendo.

Intente visitar la siguiente pagina de Internet:  Kinship Internacional de los Adventistas del Septimo Dia. En esa pagina ud. conocera personas que, de una manera u otra, a pesar de ser gay, bisexual, etc., siguen involucrado en la iglesia Adventista del Septimo dia. Algunos les interesa seguir su connecion con la iglesia porque de veras creen que es la iglesia correcta para ellos, y para muchos, porque predican el mensage de "Cristo nuestra salvacion" no por obras, mas bien, por su gracia maravillosa. Los Adventistas, ademas, tienen un mensage pro-salud muy impresivo. Incluso, en diversos lugares del mundo, los Adventistas tienen centros de medicina, en lugares, por ejemplo, como Loma Linda Medical Center (Centro Medico de Loma Linda) California. Tambien tienen hospitales y centros medicos y educativos en Africa, Brazil, Europa, las islas Filipinas, y muchos otros sitios. Finalmente, los Adventistas, son gente que intentan a amar a su proximo y no despreciarlo por diversas razones. Y, por supuesto, los Adventistas del Septimo dia, tambien tienen como principio mayor en sus vidas, amar a Dios (Padre, Hijo y Espiritu Santo) supremamente.


El grupo Kinship Internacional de los Adventistas del Septimo Dia no es patrocinado por la Conferencia General de Adventistas del Septimo dia. Sin embargo, hay algunos entre la clase intelectual, catedratica, progresiva o, simplemente, compasiva que apoya, en parte, los esfuerzos de   Kinship Internacional de los Adventistas del Septimo Dia.

Que benficios puede conferir Kinship Internacional de los Adventistas del Septimo Dia a gays, bisexuales, etc., que son actualmente Adventistas, o quienes fueron miembros de su iglesia?

  1. Hay quienes viven hoy gracias a Kinship Internacional de los Adventistas del Septimo Dia. O sea, la organizacion los ayudo a no desesperarse y hacerse dańo.
  2. Gracias a Kinship Internacional de los Adventistas del Septimo Dia hay personas gay que siguen hoy en una vida Cristiana, o Adventista, por los esfuerzos de Kinship Internacional de los Adventistas del Septimo Dia.
  3. Hay quiens han mejorado su auto-estima, y no despreciarse, mas bien aceptar que Dios los ama, Cristo murio por ellos tambien, Cristo quiere que ellos tengan una relacion de amor con el, y--muy importante--que se arrepientan. Ud. tiene que decidir que nivel de vida gay, u homosexual, Cristo Jesus desea que ud. viva. Hay miembros de Kinship Adentista del Septimo dia que creen que Dios no quiere que ellos tengan varias parejas o relaciones sexuales fuera de una relacion monogama. Otros viven vidas celibes pero aceptan que su orientacion es gay (homosexual) y que hasta que Cristo venga en las nubes del cielo, ellos seguiran con su orientacion gay (homosexual). Hay otros miembros de Kinship Internacional de los Adventistas del Septimo Dia que son de otra opinion y estas personas, mientras que no impongan sus ideas, pueden disfrutar de feligresia con la comunidad gay (homosexual) Adventista del Septimo Dia.

Es mi sincero deseo que ud. sea feliz. Que ame a Cristo Jesus. Y que nunca piense que para ud. no hay un lugar tambien en la feligresia de los Cristianos Adventistas del Septimo Dia.
Maranata (Cristo Viene Pronto.) Amen.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ultra Life and Its Pleasures

Schedule one hour every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. on your smart phone, iPhone or appointment book to experience UltraLife (no space). You are setting aside more than a conceptual hour where you decide what constitutes UltraLife for you, but it becomes more and more real as the UltraLife hour kicks in every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. Why Wednesday? Wednesday, or Woden's (Odin's) day in Teutonic culture is Mercury's day in Romance Languages, e.g., Miercoles, Mercredi, etc. The  messenger god, Mercury, could not be a more proper day to deliver to you the joy of UltraLife. It is the mid-point of your weekly experience and you deserve a special day, if only a conceptual day that lasts 60 minutes. Oh but what joy can be experienced in those 60 minutes. They can seem like 1,440 if you delve deep enough into the luxuriant reality  that you have labeled UltraLife.

Why at 7:00 p.m.? Seven is a perfect and common number in world history. There are, of course, seven days. There are five major planets of the ancient world plus the sun and the moon. There is the concept of seven heavens, six days of creation and one of rest on the Seventh day. The number 666 is considered imperfect because it is one less than seven and using it three times compounds the imperfection.  777 would be, it follows, the most perfect and life-enhancing number one could choose.
Enjoy your weekly conceptual day of UltraLife. May it become the best "day" of the week for you.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Devil is a Nanobot Inside your Brain and HowYou Can Remove it Safely

The personal devil explanation and its implications won't be addressed here. Of course, one has only to read the 'Adventist Review' for that traditional explanation; it is worth your while to investigate that line of thought.

-- to be continued.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ellen White Bookstore Opens in a Chic Gay Ghetto

My local church complains vocally about the Rainbow Flags (Gay Pride flags) that the homeowners across the street from the church building display on Saturday mornings, not just on gay pride week. When a guest speaker inquires why there is no evangelistic effort to address the spiritual and health needs of the mostly gay and lesbians who live in this upscale residential area that surrounds the church building, the answers that are given are some of the following:

"It is very hard, almost impossible, to convert gay men and women to Adventist Christianity."

"Our efforts are better spent on groups of people that we have some hope of reaching."

"Brother, what we have surrounding our church is a peacock feather farm, a birdcage full of exotically colored effeminate men and their muscular counterparts. They wouldn't be interested in what our church offers."

"These are mostly English-speaking gay men and women and our church is a Spanish speaking congregation. Where would they fit in if they can't speak the language?"

"We unfortunately, like Lot in the bible, are surrounded by the same type of environment like Sodom and Gomorrah. It doesn't get any more sinful than this city."

Finally, months later, a few church members of conscience opened up a vegetarian food store stocking meat substitutes, natural foods, organic foods, other health books and Ellen G. White books dealing directly with health. The Ministry of Healing was among the books sold at this one-of-a-kind health store.

Next door was an upscale wine store that only stocked wine under $50.00 called Naked Grape. Next door to that was a tea-only cafe where anyone from the community, gay or straight, could sip herbal tea, chai tea, etc., and chat until the next event materialized out of thin air. Several pricey clothing stores filled out the rest of the street. Across the street were expensive Thai restaurants, as well as a piano bar and a fine-dining restaurant. Real estate businesses selling million dollar homes popped in and out of business as the real estate market ebbed and flowed.

When they were approached by some church members who found this odd little food store by chance as they walked their dogs on a cool Sabbath weekend, they wondered why anyone would go to so much trouble and try to witness to men and women that the majority of Adventist society had long ago abandoned?

"If we can save even one soul with the message of Christ our Righteousness through the health message, any loss we've experienced will not have been in vain."

Very few people visited the store as it didn't fit in with the rest of the neighborhood. Some wished they'd stop selling the religious-health books and start selling New Age or Buddhist titles to go with the vegetarian lifestyle that the store was promoting. Others disagreed and said it was a great place to meet other men and women who were exclusively vegetarian. Others even thought of boycotting the store until they removed the religious-health material and only sold health books.

One day the police was called because someone had spray-painted the words "Gay haters" across the glass window. Though it rattled their nerves they cleaned up the window and replaced the odd sentiment with "Love Your neighbor as You Love Yourself."

That ensured for a time, at least, that the community and the strange store could continue to co-exist for another summer or two.

The Ellen G. White Health Boutique did not open its doors in vain. Many souls were eventually won.

He [Christ] passed by no human being as worthless, but sought to apply the healing remedy to every soul. In whatever company He found Himself He presented a lesson appropriate to the time and the circumstances. Every neglect or insult shown by men to their fellow men only made Him more conscious of their need of His divine-human sympathy. The Ministry of Healing, p. 25,26

Disclaimer: Please see comments section of the link below.

Originally posted in the Northern Lord vs. Southern Lord blog blog

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Actual Nature of Reality is Quite Enigmatic

If God created reality or even if reality created itself either scenario presents some mind-boggling paradigms or ramifications. Let me tell you what's been disturbing me for some time now.

First let's consider what reality's ramifications are if there is no God. We exist for no grand design or purpose other than the ones each person develops for himself or herself. Of course some succeed to a degree and live and die their self-conceived lives never caring that their 70 or 90 years is all they have coming to them and their progeny. What's so bad about that? Perhaps nothing worth worrying about.

Now for the more problematic side of the coin. If all we see is here because of an omniscient and omnipotent deity these are the ramifications as I perceive them.

Most people live their lives oblivious to God's existence. They live, love and die never caring or knowing that God exists and loves them.

Now if he didn't exist the situation would not be of much significance. But if God does exist and cares for those who know him not, nor concern themselves with him, even if they have had some contact with his teachings, then that presents serious problems.

What meaning could there be for God to have so many of his children not care for him? Why then did he bother to create them? Some speak of GOD wanting to be loved but by beings to whom he gave free will and are not mere automatons. This traditional explanation verges on naivete.

If God created some of us to simply live out our lives and then die, never having acknowledged him during our time on Earth, then the ramification is that this so-called free will is as meaningless in the ultimate scheme of things as if there never had been a loving God to begin with.

So what third approach am I offering? I don't know. Do you? But really folks, there has to be another way of looking at this.

The quest to find meaning and purpose in life is the grand significance of life. Perhaps that's all we were ever conceived to endeavor--to try to make sense of the seeming senselessness.

In the final analysis one can't be sure beyond a shadow of a doubt how we all got here and what it all means. There are traditional explanations if you choose evolution as the motor that created the reality we encounter daily. And there are even more traditional reasons given to explain life if you believe that God is responsible for the reality we encounter daily. Perhaps we are here to enjoy all that can be enjoyed and to work together to lessen the less than enjoyable aspects of life.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Space Port Brings Us One Step Closer to the Stars

NM spaceport sets stage for commercial space race

This is not Science Fiction anymore. Isaac Asimov's vision of interplanetary travel is here in its early stages. In 20 years time, distant outposts like Mars or the moons of Jupiter or Saturn will be destination points with passengers embarking from this and similar space ports.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Dying Sun and Its Implications for Humanity

Our sun will run out of fuel just as other observable stars have also run their course. Old stars explode into super novae or fizzle out and become brown dwarfs. God may rescue us directly or he may inspire us to build vessels and find a new home world among the stars. Is it our fate to die with our dying sun? Or did God intend for us to follow him into the seemingly endless universe that he created out of nothing for us to populate? Did God not command us to be fruitful and multiply? Surely he meant that this take place not just in this temporary solar system but in others like it. Of course if humanity moves from system to system it cannot escape the final death of the universe.

Surely God could intervene again and either inspire us to escape to a suitable universe among the endless possibilities of the Multiverse. If not, he could very well begin the cycle again and declare, "let there be light" for the second time in his experience. 1



1 See Isaac Asimov's "The Final Question" which ends with these very words, "Let there be light."

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Perfect Gift - El Regalo Perfecto

“He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There shall be an end to death, and to mourning and crying and pain, for the old order has passed away! The One … said, ‘I am making all things new!’” Revelation 21:4,5

The dawning of humanity’s new beginning will not happen as many expect. It will begin without precedence & be of surprising complexity & imagination. In some regards, the enhanced state of being has begun for some, perhaps for many. Some speak of it as something that will change humanity beyond its wildest dreams, but they think of it as an uncertain, distant reality, that will one day arrive. With inner vision comes the realization that humanity has no need to await the arrival of the Final Gift. The final & permanent gift has begun to make its influence felt in men and women, in boys and girls.

Why imagine that the One who is to change our world & us is years or centuries in arriving? The One is where we need Him (Her) most. The One is in our spirit, or if you prefer, inside the essential core of our being, our mind. Of course, we are not saying the One is in every one’s spirit (mind). That would cheapen the wonder & beauty of this most priceless gift. The One is not, nor can He (She) ever exist, inside those who feel no need or desire to be enhanced by the Final Gift, the inner dwelling of the Pure Essence of the Perfect One.

What do you have to do to receive this unparalleled Gift? Is it given to you as payment for years of effort? Is it given to some, but not to others? Or is it truly a Gift that is given if you are willing to desire both Giver & Gift?

Only one thing is required, if we may use such a problematic word. Daily, so that the both Gift & Giver are truly desired & appreciated, you must contemplate both Gift & Giver. Do this first thing in the morning, after you have wiped the sleep from your eyes, before the day’s many demands work their enticing magic to distance you from both Giver & Gift.

How do you actually contemplate such abstractions such as Gift & Giver? If you’ve no other place to go, or other source to consider, start & continue for as long as you wish, with the words at the beginning of this page.

“He (She) will wipe every tear from their eyes. There shall be an end to death, and to mourning and crying and pain, for the old order has passed away! The One … said, ‘I am making all things new!’”

If you know of no other way to make these words powerful tools to enhance your life beyond what it presently is, then we offer this simple though effective method. This can be used with other life-enhancing words & texts that you find in your own tradition or in ours.

1. In the name of the Anointed One, the One who was, who is & who is to come, I ask that you wipe away every tear from my eyes. I ask that you put an end to death, and to mourning and crying and pain. I ask that the old order might pass away. I ask of you, Anointed One, that you make all things new.

2. I believe that you are wiping away every tear from my eyes. I believe that you are putting an end to death, and to mourning and crying and pain. I believe that the old order is passing away. I believe, Anointed One, that you are making all things new because you have said that you would in Revelation 21:4,5. Your word never fails. What you have said would happen, will come to pass.

3. I thank you, Anointed One, that you have wiped away every tear from my eyes. I thank you that you have put an end to death, and to mourning and crying and pain. I thank you that the old order has passed away. I thank you that you have made all things new. I know that this has happened already & will continue to happen, even though it may not appear that way to others or to myself, because you name stands behind these life-enhancing words. May this be my reality from now on.

One morning, or afternoon, or evening, you will be walking your dog or driving along a wooded street at sunset or early morning or by starlight, & you will suddenly realize that regardless of the reality right in front of you, or thousands of miles away, a new reality has, without warning, begun in your life. If you desire it enough & appreciate its arrival with as much anticipation as you give to some desirable, tangible goal or experience, then you will, in fact, receive the Perfect Gift, the Gift of Transcendence.

For more information, please visit us at:

Originally posted in the Design Your Future blog

“Secará todas las lágrimas de ellos, y ya no habrá muerte, ni llanto, ni lamento, ni dolor; porque todo lo que antes existía ha dejado de existir. El ... dijo: ‘Yo hago nuevas todas las cosas.’” El Apocalipsis 21:4,5

El nuevo amanecer de la humanidad no sucederá como muchos esperan. Comenzará sin anuncio y tendrá complejidad e imaginación que han de sorprender. Se puede decir que esta realización ha comenzado para algunos, quizás para muchos. Algunos hablan de ella como algo que cambiará la humanidad más allá de sus sueños más bellos, pero piensan en esta realización como algo incierto, una realidad distante, que un día llegará. Con la visión interna viene la realización que la humanidad no tiene ninguna necesidad de esperar la llegada del Regalo Final por la siguiente razón. El regalo final y permanente ya ha comenzado a percibirse en los hombres y mujeres, en los muchachos y muchachas.

¿Porqué imaginarse que aquel quién cambiará nuestro mundo y nosotros mismos tarda años o siglos en venir? Este Ser actualmente se encuentra donde más lo necesitamos. El (Ella) está en nuestro espíritu, o si usted prefiere, dentro de la base esencial de nuestro ser, nuestra mente. Por supuesto, no estamos diciendo que El (Ella) está en cada espíritu (mente). Eso degradaría la maravilla y la belleza de este regalo sin igual. El (Ella) no está, ni puede existir, dentro de los que no sientan ninguna necesidad, ni deseo, de ser transformados por el Regalo Final: la cohabitación de la esencia pura del Ser Perfecto.

¿Qué tiene que hacer uno para recibir este regalo sin par? ¿Se le dará como pago por años de mucho esfuerzo? Es dado a algunos, ¿pero no a otros? Usted recibirá este regalo si se desea ambos: el Ser que regala y el Regalo actual.

Se requiere solamente una cosa, si podemos utilizar este término problemático, “un requesito.” Diario, para que se deseen y aprecien el Regalo y el Donador verdaderamente, usted debe contemplar el Regalo y el Donador. Haga esto por la mañana, después de que usted haya limpiado el sueño de sus ojos, antes de que las muchas demandas del día pongan obstáculos entre usted y el Donador y su Regalo.

¿Cómo usted comtemplará, realmente, tales abstracciones como “Regalo” y “Donador?” Si usted no tiene otro sistema, u otra fuente a mano, use estas palabras siguientes y este método mientras que usted lodeseé.

“Secará todas las lágrimas de ellos, y ya no habrá muerte, ni llanto, ni lamento, ni dolor; porque todo lo que antes existía ha dejado de existir. El (Ella) ... dijo: ‘Yo hago nuevas todas las cosas.’”

Si usted no conoce actualmente de otra manera de utilizar estas palabras para servirle como herramientas potententes, de modo que su vida se transforme más allá de su actualidad presente, entonces ofrecemos este método eficaz y simple. Esto se puede utilizar con otras palabras vivificantes y textos de su propia tradición o de la nuestra.

1. En el nombre del Ser Unguido, el quién era, quién es y quién ha de ser, pido que usted seque todas mis lágrimas, y que no haya ya muerte, ni llanto, ni lamento, ni dolor; pido que todo lo que antes existía ya deje de existir. Le pido, o Ser Unguido, que haga nuevas todas las cosas.

2. Tengo fe que usted está secando todas mis lágrimas, y que la muerte muy pronto dejará de existir, ni llanto, ni lamento, ni dolor; sí creo que todo lo que antes existía deja de existir porque usted lo ha dicho en el Apocalipsis 21:4,5. Su palabra nunca falla. Lo que usted ha dicho sucederá.

3. Le doy gracias, Ser Unguido, que usted ha secado todas mis lágrimas, y que la muerte ha dejado de existir, también el llanto, también el lamento, también el dolor; le doy gracias que todo lo que antes existía ha dejado de existir. Le doy gracias , o Ser Unguido, que ha hecho nuevas todas las cosas. Sé que esto ha sucedido ya y continuará sucediendo, aunque no le parezca a otros o a mi mismo (misma,) porque usted es el Autor de estas palabras maravillosas y eso vale mucho. Pido que esta nueva realidad sea mi realidad preferida de ahora en adelante.

Una mañana, o tarde, o noche, usted estará, tal vez, caminando con su perro o conduciendo a lo largo de una calle junto a un bosque en una puesta de sol, o una mañana tranquila, o bajo luz de estrella, usted realizará repentinamente que sin importarle su realidad actual, o la realidad de millares de millas lejanas, un nuevo principio ha comenzado, sin anunciarse, en su vida. Si usted lo desea bastante y aprecia su llegada con tanta anticipación como usted dá a cierta meta o experiencia deseable, entonces usted, de veras, recibirá el Regalo Perfecto, el Regalo del Más Allá.

Para mas informacion, favor de visitarnos al

Originalmente fue publicado en el blog Diseñene Su Futuro

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Space Ark Project Is No Longer Considered Science Fiction

EU space program wants to build a space ark for doomsday scenario. I was delighted to find this article and was surprised that such an important concern as the European Space agency has plans, perhaps even more than plans, to ensure humanity's survival in the event of some unknown, or imminent disaster.

In addition, last night on the CNN cable news network, in an interview with Larry King, world-renowned physicist, Stephen Hawking, expressed the importance of humanity settling on other worlds beyond Earth in case some cataclysm occurs, especially during the next 200 years. Of course, Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov and other scientist-turned-writers devoted many serious works of fiction and non-fiction concerning this very endeavor. It would be a tragedy if humanity assumed arrogantly that God would never allow humanity to destroy itself. The possibility of humanity destroying itself is the ultimate manifestation in exercising its God-given free will. It is equally a major display of free will for humanity to exercise it's intellect in preserving itself from unknown catastrophes.

If organizations like the EU Space Program are concerned and are involved with such magnificent projects why shouldn't a multi-national corporation like the Adventists not be as equally concerned. Think of the wonderful possibilities of a Macrolife home world or a terraformed Jovian or Saturnine moon made possible by the financial and technological resources possessed by the Adventists.

To repeat a concept from an earlier post on the Northern Lord vs. Southern Lord blog, biblical patriarch Noah was not handed the ark handmade by God. Noah and sons had to build it themselves. Noah had to get inside the ark and, once it had settled atop Mount Ararat, he had to resettle in what was virtually a new world, one greatly transformed from the antediluvian one which he and his descendants had abandoned. He and his descendants then had to rebuild civilization from scratch with the accumulated knowledge of the antediluvians. It is equally important that modern humans be able to do the same concerning the civilization they know and love should it ever be threatened or destroyed by some unknown catastrophe, either man-made or natural.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A New Beginning: The Fourth Dimension and Adventist Futurism

The fourth dimension of the title is, of course, the dimension of time. Scientists will speak to you with the greatest of confidence that Time [Duration] really is an integral part and a compliment to the normal dimensions of Length, Breadth and Thickness. All four are often referred to as the Space-Time continuum. For a literary explanation regarding this enigma, please consult H.G. Wells' prescient explanation. [1] We digress not only to clear up the title, but to highlight one of the important principles of Adventist Futurism, that of time itself, especially future time. [2]

The very first article about Adventist Futurism appeared on January 17, 2007. [3] Approximately 39 articles or posts dealing in some way with the development of Adventist Futurism have appeared in the Northern Lord vs. Southern Lord [4] blog. One purpose of this new blog, Adventist Futurist, is to collect, organize and coordinate past, present and future articles regarding Adventist Futurism. Another reason for this new blog is to trace, when possible, the origins and influences of Adventist Futurism. In total there were 66 web sites or blogs that referred its readers to the Adventist Futurism Manifesto.

While there is no clear cut evidence that official Adventist media took any interest in the Manifesto there was one article published in the church's official flagship publication, Adventist Review, that cryptically alluded to Adventist Futurism in an article titled Some Problems with "Adventist" Futurism [5] by Angel Rodriguez, but left more unsaid that what it actually said judging from reactions to it on other Adventist sites which criticized the article for its vagueness.

Even though one of the intentions of Adventist Futurism is to attract the kind of individual that is seriously interested in futurology, futurism, science, aesthetics, ethics, space exploration, cybernetics, and several other forward-thinking and positive areas of study, let no one be hoodwinked about one thing. It is our sincere hope that you put aside any preconceived ideas or biases about the foundation without which Adventist Futurism would be meaningless. To quote from the article that launched the discovery of Adventist Futurism, "Christ Jesus, Lord and Savior, is as important as He ever was . . ." [6]

Since the first post was published, more than three years ago, there have been 545 visits from 363 cities in 60 countries. The principal countries visiting the Adventist Futurism Manifesto are the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. Additionally three countries whose official language is other than English, France, Mexico and Belgium, also showed significant interest in the information in the post.

A total of 770 pages were visited by the individuals who chanced upon or were referred to the Adventist Futurism Manifesto. The average time spent on the page, in question, was two minutes and 45 seconds. Most people who found the Manifesto were referred by Google,,,, and Additionally, significant amounts of visitors were also referred by Yahoo and while others accessed the post in question directly.

  1. "There are really four dimensions, three which we call the three planes of Space, and a fourth, Time. There is, however, a tendency to draw an unreal distinction between the former three dimensions and the latter, because it happens that our consciousness moves intermittently in one direction along the latter from the beginning to the end of our lives." Wells, H.G.. The Time Machine, chapter 1. 1895
  2. Adventist Futurism: Manifesto, Third Principle
  3. Adventist Futurism: Manifesto
  4. Northern Lord vs. Southern Lord Please refer to the Labels section in the blog in question for access to all 39 posts under the heading of Adventist Futurism.
  5. Some Problems with "Adventist" Futurism
  6. Adventist Futurism: Manifesto, Second Principle