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Friday, June 10, 2011

Distant Future Civilization Revealed

Cities of Earth's Distant Future (Click link for video)

We are living in Earth's distant future. Philosopher's of Earth's classic civilizations whether of India, China, Egypt and Greece would have thought it foolishness for us to believe that our far-flung world to be simply the precursor to a more advanced reality. Yes, we need to continue improving what needs refinement. Nevertheless, it is important that we realize that this is humanity's quintessential civilization. There is always room for improvement, but take note that since the late 1950s, only refinements in technology that were in existence then, and not some revolutionary transformation, have appeared. The prototypes of the computer, the Internet and space exploration were in existence in 1957, the year the Soviets launched Sputnik.

Cherish this distant future civilization that we live in while it's still here in its present state. Dystopia and utopia are fused into one.

Theoretical far-distant civilizations of the future, should they ever exist, will envision still more futuristic ones in a world they imagine will one day exist. Out of necessity, that civilization will, in fact, be the most advanced terrestrial civilization that is to be. It may or may not be the most futuristic one that can conceivably exist on planet Earth. How tragic for that civilization to cease to be completely or to degenerate slowly into barbarism, or worse, still hoping for another that might never exist.

Our present civilization could very well be that civilization that looks forward to a more advanced and ideal one to grow out of our own. Let's enjoy it while there is yet time.