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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Space Ark Project Is No Longer Considered Science Fiction

EU space program wants to build a space ark for doomsday scenario. I was delighted to find this article and was surprised that such an important concern as the European Space agency has plans, perhaps even more than plans, to ensure humanity's survival in the event of some unknown, or imminent disaster.

In addition, last night on the CNN cable news network, in an interview with Larry King, world-renowned physicist, Stephen Hawking, expressed the importance of humanity settling on other worlds beyond Earth in case some cataclysm occurs, especially during the next 200 years. Of course, Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov and other scientist-turned-writers devoted many serious works of fiction and non-fiction concerning this very endeavor. It would be a tragedy if humanity assumed arrogantly that God would never allow humanity to destroy itself. The possibility of humanity destroying itself is the ultimate manifestation in exercising its God-given free will. It is equally a major display of free will for humanity to exercise it's intellect in preserving itself from unknown catastrophes.

If organizations like the EU Space Program are concerned and are involved with such magnificent projects why shouldn't a multi-national corporation like the Adventists not be as equally concerned. Think of the wonderful possibilities of a Macrolife home world or a terraformed Jovian or Saturnine moon made possible by the financial and technological resources possessed by the Adventists.

To repeat a concept from an earlier post on the Northern Lord vs. Southern Lord blog, biblical patriarch Noah was not handed the ark handmade by God. Noah and sons had to build it themselves. Noah had to get inside the ark and, once it had settled atop Mount Ararat, he had to resettle in what was virtually a new world, one greatly transformed from the antediluvian one which he and his descendants had abandoned. He and his descendants then had to rebuild civilization from scratch with the accumulated knowledge of the antediluvians. It is equally important that modern humans be able to do the same concerning the civilization they know and love should it ever be threatened or destroyed by some unknown catastrophe, either man-made or natural.

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