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Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Dying Sun and Its Implications for Humanity

Our sun will run out of fuel just as other observable stars have also run their course. Old stars explode into super novae or fizzle out and become brown dwarfs. God may rescue us directly or he may inspire us to build vessels and find a new home world among the stars. Is it our fate to die with our dying sun? Or did God intend for us to follow him into the seemingly endless universe that he created out of nothing for us to populate? Did God not command us to be fruitful and multiply? Surely he meant that this take place not just in this temporary solar system but in others like it. Of course if humanity moves from system to system it cannot escape the final death of the universe.

Surely God could intervene again and either inspire us to escape to a suitable universe among the endless possibilities of the Multiverse. If not, he could very well begin the cycle again and declare, "let there be light" for the second time in his experience. 1



1 See Isaac Asimov's "The Final Question" which ends with these very words, "Let there be light."

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