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Sunday, May 6, 2012

What if You Could Walk in Someone Else's Shoes?

One can say as much as one wishes that one can sympathize with discriminated people of other races, the divorcees, the handicapped, and blind or deaf-mute persons.

One can also say one sympathizes with  persons who struggle with ill-treatment by right-wing and mainstream Christians, as well as cruel homophobes, who all can't be bothered with transgender children, suicidal gay teens and bisexuals, true hermaphrodites, lesbians & gay men, whose very existence are an affront to people who are so dogmatic that any departure from what they believe causes discomfort and consternation.

However, if one could walk in the shoes of a victim of intolerance and hatred, one would experience such a shock to one's air-tight world-view as to astound and shame one for one's prior arrogance and contempt.

Having contempt of another person because their difference flies in the face of one's stubborn and defiant outlook can lead to insanity, neurosis and sometimes even murder.

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