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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Future Reminders that Humanity Thrived in This Solar System

We didn't even have to await the 26,000 year asteroid that wiped out the long-lived dinosaur species. Humankind is rendering itself extinct. Tragic that humanity's centuries-old culture, science and astounding progress comes to this. At least we've left vestiges of our culture on the moon, in orbit around our fading world, in our robots on Mars and in the exploratory craft that may still be drifting perhaps endlessly.

The transmission signals of radio, television and perhaps data encoded in binary form that may also have been sent on its way, are another even more palpable vestige of what little advancement humankind made since its appearance millennia ago.

It is hoped that unknown to us private organizations with fabulous wealth planned for this and implemented, decades ago, the project sketched out in various posts in this blog and in the Northern Lord vs. Southern Lord blog under the labels space colonization, macrolife and Adventist Futurism. (Please search for these labels once you've accessed the NL vs. SL link.)

We can continue have a healthy optimism about our fate as survivors on this Earth, or hopefully, beyond this Earth, but had the dinosaurs been more developed and intelligent, no amount of optimism would have saved their species from whatever catastrophe wiped them out with such severity that it almost seemed intentional.

For an indication that speaking of the demise of our existence on the planet is no dystopian vision, see Oceans on brink of catastrophe.

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